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About Clearwater Welding

Our Mission

It is our mission here at Clearwater Welding to provide the best Florida welding services possible. We take our years of experience and put them to good use whenever a client comes to us with a new project to do. Our welders are as diversified as the projects we are capable of doing. Plus, we will only take on projects that we are sure we can get done within the time and budget restraints that you have. 

Our Values

Clearwater Welding has many years of experience with all types of welding projects. We help with small residential welding gigs all the way up to massive welding projects where we help with structural steel used in the many Clearwater buildings you already know. We value our customers and show them that through every job we take on. At Clearwater Welding, we will treat your welding project as if it was our own.

Our Passion

One important thing to know about Clearwater Welding is that we love welding. It is not just a job we show up to each day. Instead, we pride ourselves in constantly learning new techniques and skills to make our work stronger and longer-lasting. If you have a welding project that we have never tried before, we would still love to give it a shot. We do not back down from a challenge. Instead, we work together to figure out the best way to get the results you need.

Clearwater Welding

You Can Trust Our Experience and Expertise

Turn to the experienced welders here at Clearwater Welding. We can provide high-quality welds on time and on budget. The products you receive from us are always exactly what you need with the dependability and durability you require. To find out how we can help you get your welding project underway, reach out to us today!

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What We Do

Architectural Welding
Railings and Fences
Steel Fabrication
Custom Welding Projects
Residential Welding
Commercial Welding
Plasma Cutting
Structural Steel

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